New Hardware Packaging

Starting in mid-March, the hardware for each 944 door will now be grouped on a cardboard pack.

We’ve made this change to reduce shipping errors, lost parts, and overall operational costs.

On the rear of each pack will be a unique label. On this label, you’ll find, from top to bottom:

  • xx of xx: Tells you how many of this same package should be in the order
  • Sales Order Number: 6 digits, unique to the order
  • Ship date: Originally scheduled ship date. This may be incorrect if the ship date is rescheduled within two weeks prior to the original ship date
  •  Customer info: “Sold to” customer name
  • Door number and info: Use this information to ensure that the hardware package is used on the correct size door
  • Contents listing

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.