Why Trac-Rite?

We know that there are other roll-up doors you can buy, and frankly, we know they all look about the same from ten feet away.

But they are not. Here’s what sets us and our doors apart.

OWNERSHIP: Trac-Rite is part of Trachte Building Systems, a 100% employee owned company. Trachte is the one of the world’s largest producers of self-storage buildings. Being employee owned means that every one of us has a vested interest in taking care of you, the customer. And with our doors going into storage buildings that our parent company sells around the world every day, we want to be sure that we are manufacturing the best doors roll-up doors available.

WIND RATING: Most manufacturers will offer a “price point” door – a low cost door with no wind rating. Doors with no wind rating have no place on the exterior of a building, but we see it happen. At Trac-Rite, our base model 944 has a wind rating of 130 mph on a 9’ wide opening. Do some research and you should come to the same conclusion that we have: no one makes a stronger mass market roll up door. 

SPRINGS: In 2006 we upgraded all springs with the EP3 coating to prevent rust and eliminate the need for lubrication. It’s clean, it’s easy, and it makes broken springs a thing of the past. Our 10-year spring warranty has been copied, but the coating remains a relatively unique feature.

FELT STRIPS: Felt strips keep your door running smoothly by preventing the front and back from rubbing and catching as the door is opened and closed. We use large felt strips at every axle drum.

TENSION DEVICES: Trac-Rite doors include a tension adjustment device at every spring. As any roll up door ages, the springs loses some tension and may require an adjustment. Our ratcheting mechanism makes it easy to do.