Self Storage

If you are developing a self-storage facility or mini storage buildings, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. We’ll make this one easy: Trac-Rite 944. Available to fit up to 12’ x 12’ openings, this door is packed with quality to make owning and running a self-storage facility easier. For larger boat/RV/commercial units, use Trac-Rite 988 roll up door.

Not all Roll up Doors Are Equal

If you are replacing doors on an existing self-storage building or sourcing new doors yourself for a new building, be sure to purchase doors with the correct wind rating. Some door manufacturers offer lighter weight doors which are suitable for interior use only. Trac- Rite’s model 944 is suitable for exterior use in the majority of the US and Canada, and available in a windlock version for a those areas where building codes require. Contact Trac-Rite or your local dealer for more information.

Easy to own

Trac-Rite’s EP3 spring coating prevents rust and eliminates the need to lubricate the springs. With the EP3 spring coating, spring breakage is a thing of the past. Every spring on a Trac-Rite door is equipped with an easy to use ratcheting adjustment to fine tune operation as the door ages.

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