It is important to keep your Trac-Rite door looking and operating like new. Below are several helpful hints to maintain your door.


  • Visually inspect the entire door monthly for general cleanliness and ease of operation.
  • Inspect the guides and curtain for wear and/or accidental damage.
  • Inspect doors for loose fasteners, anchor bolts, and damaged or missing parts.
  • If the door is equipped with a chain hoist mechanism, inspect it for missing parts.


  • No specific cleaning procedures are required for your door. Clean as needed following good housekeeping practices.
  • Periodically clean any accumulated dirt from guides. Remove any debris from the guide channels at the floor.


Lubricate the following every six months, or more often in dusty and/or wet operating environments.

  • Guides: Open the door. Spray silicone spray, Pledge™, or Zep 45™ onto the door guide runners and inside the guide.
  • Lock: Spray the slide lock with silicone spray or Pledge to promote smooth lock operation.
  • Chain Hoist: Apply a small amount of oil to roller chain.